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2018 NEXT Awards Finalist, Social Enterprise & Sustainability, Nashville Entrepreneur Center

2018 Early Leader, Harvard University, Making Caring Common

2017 National Change Leader, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

2017 LRNG Educator Innovators Challenge

2016 Ashoka National Changemaker School

2016 NEXT Awards Winner, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneur Center

“Looking back on it now, I understand how important it is for every child, not just the impoverished, to travel outside of their surroundings. Those trips taught me perspective and exposed me to how other people lived; it expanded my goals. I didn’t just want to buy my mother a house. Now I wanted to buy her some land with a home on it.  I had even larger dreams for myself. I didn’t just want to own a few acres. I wanted to own more land than the eye could see. I wanted to own enough land to make sure the space between the hood and the penitentiary was wider than I’d ever be able to cross in my lifetime.”

The Art & Science of Respect
by James Prince and Jasmine D. Waters

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Dare to Share Your Dreams with one of the nation's leading entertainment and media moguls.  J. Prince was instrumental in discovering Drake and managing Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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Race to 36. Empower the Journey.